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Anaïs Schaschkow presents in vitro bone model at Organoid@KU Leuven Symposium

On April 9, Antleron Fellow Anaïs Schaschkow will present at the '3D Organ Modelling in Health and Disease' Symposium, organized by Organoid @ KU Leuven.

Join Anaïs as she gives us a glimpse into the groundbreaking work we are doing in the field of organ-on-a-chip systems. Her presentation is entitled: ‘The living chamber, an innovative and customizable in vitro model for bone implant evaluation‘. Discover how custom lab-scale bioreactors, based on Antleron’s proprietary technologies and combined with human stem cells, are revolutionizing bone implant testing.

Concretely, we demonstrate how customized bioreactor conditions, combined with human stem cells, serve as a scalable, biologically relevant 3D in vitro model for bone implant testing. The flexibility of the living chamberallows to create  personalized 4D human bone-like environments which can mimic both healthy and diseased conditions.

Want to learn more about how the living chamber can help you reduce animal use and fast-track development of your medical device or therapy? Do not miss Anaïs' presentation at the symposium!

PRosPERoS-II is financed by the European Union.


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