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Collaboration with Novasign to develop novel digital tools to tackle bioprocess developm. challenges

Antleron’s ATMP process development, data-based model development and in silico bioprocess simulation expertise, combined with Novasign’s hybrid modelling toolbox and bioprocess expertise, creates a synergy to co-develop next generation modelling solutions.

Read news message on Novasign website.

Extensive development costs and timelines lead the ATMP industry to look for innovative solutions that will accommodate the complex manufacturing processes sustainably and pave the way for the next generation of bioprocessing. In silico tools, such as computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations and hybrid modelling provide powerful solutions to gain insights into the bioprocess before conducting any in vitro experiments. This way, certain aspects of e.g., a bioreactor, can be optimized to fit the requirements of the cells in terms of nutrient availability, oxygen, shear stress, etc.

These tools, in combination with experimentally obtained data, can be used to develop digital twins, or virtual replicates, of a bioprocess. These will not only fast-track bioprocess development but will also enable at later stages to monitor and control the actual bioprocess.

To further develop and integrate advanced process modelling strategies for ATMP production, Antleron will collaborate with Austria-based Novasign. Novasign’s team of experts developed a hybrid model approach in their toolbox describing cell growth to process changes in a fast, reliable and user-friendly way. Coupled with Antleron’s expertise in risk based ATMP process development through merging additive manufacturing, cells, bioreactors and in silico approaches, the two teams aim to merge spatial information provided by CFD with cell response described by the hybrid models. The collaborative effort targeting model integration will employ techniques such as risk-based bioprocess development, model-based Design of Experiments, soft-sensing, hybrid modelling and CFD.

Through co-development approaches we aim to accelerate innovations that will translate into better medicine for all.

Visit the Novasign website.


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