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Antleron and Tuatara Dx team up to revolutionize point-of-need diagnostics

At Antleron, we're committed to advancing personalized medicine, which is why we've teamed up with Tuatara DX, pioneers in molecular diagnostic technologies. Together, we are revolutionizing healthcare by translating their cutting-edge solutions into a point-of-need test. Leveraging Antleron's expertise in microfluidics, we're developing an innovative test card where DNA mutation detection will occur seamlessly.

A microfluidic test card

Through our collaborative effort in the Point-of-Need-Diagnostics (PoN-DX) project, we're dedicated to providing a game-changing solution in healthcare. Our goal is to accelerate the accurate detection of illnesses and identification of appropriate treatments, ultimately reducing side effects and hospital admissions.

This project is a testament to the power of cross-border collaborations, made possible with the support of CrossRoads Flanders-Netherlands. To learn more about PoN-DX, check out a short article (in Dutch) by CrossRoads ->

Point-of-Need-Diagnostics is funded by the European Union.


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