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Antleron interns taking part in innovative ATMP developments

To secure a sustainable future for the advanced therapy field and enable personalized medicine, Antleron educates the next generation of professionals. We continuously offer students and young graduates a hands-on experience by having them contribute to innovative ATMP developments that bring sustainable solutions to patients.

By creating a team atmosphere and giving ownership to our interns, we allow them to grow and discover their specific areas of interest. Read on to learn about their experiences.

Caroline Van Liedekerke, MSc student Biochemistry & Biotechnology, Intern

"I am very thankful to Antleron for giving me the opportunity to improve my scientific skills and knowledge during my internship. The friendly and welcoming team gave me the right guidance but also the freedom to grow as a scientist. Antleron's mission to revolutionize the healthcare industry is inspiring and clearly drives the team to improve and work on the most advanced technologies. Personally, I worked on the validation and optimization of cell growth in custom, 3D-printed bioreactors."

Jorn Vekemans, MSc student Biochemistry & Biotechnology, intern

"Antleron enabled me to explore my capabilities as a scientist and taught me a new set of skills. Similar to Caroline, I focused on evaluating and enhancing the cell growth process in custom 3D-printed bioreactors.The supportive and collaborative environment, along with invaluable mentorship, allowed me to grow both professionally and personally. I am really glad that I selected Antleron as the internship organization."

Explore internship opportunities

We remain committed to educating the new generations of advanced therapy experts. By partnering with the KU Leuven, The Postgraduate Program in Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Engineering, and remaining open to young applicants, Antleron guides students on their paths to become ATMP professionals.

When you are looking for an opportunity to kick-start your career in ATMPs, feel free to reach out to our team; e-mail


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