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Dieter Hauwaerts brings strategic and operational ATMP excellence to the Antleron team

Recently, Dieter Hauwaerts actively rejoined and strengthens the Antleron team. Dieter Hauwaerts: "My aim is to help define business strategies and put quality first in operations, targeting bioprocess development and GMP in a commercial context. We focus on embedding operational quality and efficiency while extending our development efforts in scope, depth and scale. Strengthening our late-stage development capabilities will enable us to more profoundly collaborate with international biotech stakeholders. During our continued company growth, I will share my experience with the Antleron fellows in bringing innovations to patients."

Co-founder of Antleron

Dieter Hauwaerts is no stranger as he co-founded Antleron. In the meantime, he built an impressive track record in various leadership roles with Janssen Pharmaceutica, TiGenix, Celyad and Prothya. You find more details on the LinkedIn profile of Dieter Hauwaerts. Dieter: "A common thread in my career is supporting teams through change, while realizing targeted operational and business objectives."

Originally, Dieter was a researcher at the Center of Microbial and Plant Genetics of KU Leuven. At this university he graduated as a master in engineering science chemistry, with specialization in environmental and bio-technology.

Bringing ideas to patients

"I like pushing the boundaries and embody Antleron’s vision of bringing innovative ideas to patients by combining scientific expertise and technology engineering," says Dieter. "Antleron is built on enabling next-generation bioprocesses across a wide range of life science applications, including advanced and personal therapy manufacturing. Using our unique technology toolbox, our team of multidisciplinary specialists develops and integrates technologies for smart, human-independent process control."

These toolbox technologies encompass advanced monitoring as well as fluidic simulation, analog/digital sensor technologies, 3D printing and artificial intelligence. Combined with the power of cell biology, these technologies enable custom, robust and scalable bioprocesses.

"Altogether, we allow processes to mature from concept to production in order to enable biotech stakeholders in bringing effective and affordable healthcare to all. Concretely, we aim to strengthen Antleron's role in translating bioprocess development into industrial production, fully controlled and certified, and ready for international rollout. My expertise and industry experience can come in handy here. Certainly, we are embarking on a challenging journey with exciting times ahead."

Operational excellence

"Throughout my career, I have pioneered the process of bringing the development of multiple ATMP pre-clinical assets to different clinical and commercial phases. I took responsibility of managing and steering all aspects of manufacturing operations. At the same time, I introduced and managed the interfacing between manufacturing, quality control laboratories and supply chain, which is essential in the cell and gene therapy space."

Concretely, Dieter was accountable for successfully passing several cGMP inspections (FAHMP/IGJ/EMA/FDA/etc.). In addition, he contributed significantly to EMA submission, launch and commercialization of the first approved advanced therapy medicinal product (ATMP).

Dieter led several operations as part of a corporate structure or as stand-alone manufacturing site. At different occasions, Dieter managed the on-time and in-budget design, construction and startup of new manufacturing facilities.

Sports and outdoor activities

On the personal side, Dieter is into various sports and outdoor activities in general and triathlon and hiking in particular. His free-time preferences illustrate the typical spirit and attitude of Antleron fellows: open-minded people who like to try different things. However, triathlon remains Dieter's favorite activity in the form of regular training and occasional competition.


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