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Digital twins fast-track bioprocess development

Antleron redefines the concept of bioprocess development by deploying digital twins. Using a proprietary combination of hybrid models, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and cost of goods models we can fast-track process optimization toward pre-defined objectives and develop custom processes for cell and gene therapies. Our solutions are powered by strong collaborations with Ansys and Novasign.

By deploying a bespoke digital twin in an iterative loop of proprietary bioreactor platform experiments and simulations, we can quickly screen and compare various bioprocess strategies. Running thousands of multi-parameter simulations only takes a few days, while performing a similar number of complex experiments would take decades. The digital twin significantly decreases the time and cost to develop and optimize a process and it informs critical decision-making early on. Importantly, also the economic aspect can be included alongside e.g., yield and throughput.

Combining mechanistic models, to simulate fluid flow, shear, and nutrient distributions, with hybrid models to simulate cell growth and nutrient production and consumption, allows a deeper understanding of the bioprocess. The digital twin supports generating process knowledge, a key aspect of quality-by-design and regulatory submissions.

Once a process candidate is chosen, it remains essential to know what is happening during cell culture, so the process must be monitored and controlled. Instead of performing invasive and destructive measurements, the sensor data value can be maximized by linking it to the digital twin to determine critical quality attributes otherwise only available through sacrificing a part of the final product. With 4 sensor modalities available at Antleron, we can find the right one for your bioprocess and build a custom model for it.

Finally, implementing predictive capabilities allows a more adaptive nature of the bioprocess. It is possible to forecast certain critical events, adjusting the decision-making. An extra bonus can be planning a bioprocess in such a way that no interventions during weekends will be needed!

Simulations and digital twins enable us to do a lot of the development already in silico before we move to experiments and prototyping. Enriched with bioprocess data, their value only increases. With the digital twins Antleron can significantly reduce timelines and costs, increase value of data, enable next generation process control, and facilitate your operational planning by implementing predictive features.

Reach out to learn more about how a bespoke digital twin can boost your process development efforts!


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