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Antleron & Novasign digital twin approach for scalable cell & gene therapy bioprocess development showcased at ESACT 2024

Our partners at Novasign will be attending the 28th ESACT Meeting in Edinburgh. Don't miss CEO Mark Dürkop's workshop on Sunday, 23rd, from 11:00-12:30, focusing on automation, AI, and CFD in bioprocess development.

Titled "From Lab to Industry: Enabling Quality Control through Automation, AI, and Computational Fluid Dynamics," the workshop will explore how streamlined data acquisition and digital tools can accelerate bioprocess development.

In co-development with Novasign, we have pioneered a digital twin approach for scalable cell & gene therapy bioprocess development. This innovative approach bridges the gap from lab to patient by leveraging data across various scales and development stages. Combining process economics with biological insights, the digital twin eases the transition from a lab protocol to a manufacturing process. Join the workshop to gain valuable insights into the development of this innovative method.

We wish all participants an insightful session and conference and are happy to take any questions – digitally!


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