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Our Antleron Fellows: a vibrant, multidisciplinary team of scientists

Our Antleron Fellows constitute a vibrant, multidisciplinary team of innovators that serves as the driving force of our organization. Our Fellows, who originate from seven countries, are experts in biology, (bio)engineering, (bio)materials, (bio)medical, chemistry, computer science, and quality and regulatory affairs. Over the past decade, Antleron's bioprocess endeavors have led to numerous innovations and collaborative ventures spanning areas including cell and gene therapies, bioreactor technology, digital twins, diagnostics, and next-generation monitoring and control systems.

Our team is built to deliver Antleron's mission of fast-tracking innovations in regenerative medicine and advanced (personalized) therapies from lab to patient. Our custom end-to-end scientific approach and proprietary technologies empower biomedical and biotechnology stakeholders to develop innovative, scalable and sustainable bioprocesses by generating unique data from R&D to GMP. By efficiently scaling up manufacturing, they can bring innovative therapies and diagnostics to the market faster.

Beyond our commitment to intense daily collaboration and a relentless drive for innovation, we foster a creative and relaxed work environment. Our team regularly engages in brainstorming sessions to explore bioprocess innovation opportunities and indulges in enjoyable after-work activities. Each Fellow takes turns organizing an 'Antleron Café' evening centered around their hobbies, which have included whisky and cheese tastings, virtual gaming sessions, bow and arrow workshops, swimming and barbecues, paella cooking classes, murder mystery solving sessions, and exploring the vibrant restaurant scene in the region surrounding our hometown of Leuven.

To discover more about our Fellows, delve into our collection of Fellow Friday stories.


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