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Showcasing our collaborative Biodevice-CRO offering at Knowledge for Growth 2023 in Antwerp

It was great to exhibit at Knowledge for Growth 2023 in Antwerp, the place to be for biotech, pharma, medtech, agricultural and chemical industry. The #KFG2023 event, organized by, stimulates inspiration, collaboration and innovation, as emphasized by its tagline REINVENT LIFE SCIENCES. Besides the bustling fair ground, we also witnessed academic showcases, inspiring talks and thematic tracks.

We were thrilled to showcase our collaborative Biodevice-CRO offering in partnership with Comate, in the form of a real-life demonstrator system. The Biodevice-CRO partnership brings together Comate, Antleron, and ICsense to developan innovative contract research service. Utilizing a modular and integrated toolbox consisting of a chip, cartridge and device, we enable the fast-track development of custom and scalable bioprocess solutions for biotech, biomanufacturing, and diagnostic companies.

Biodevice-CRO examplifies our approach for developing custom bioprocess solutions. Using our unique technology toolbox, the Antleron team of multidisciplinary specialists creates and develops biomanufacturing solutions and infrastructure platforms to bring next-generation therapies faster and closer to patients in a sustainable way. Overall, our technology toolbox combines digital twins and 3D printing with the power of cell biology to make our factory-of-the-future vision a reality.


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