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Tailored inks for life science solutions

LifeFab expands the power of 3D printing to the life science world. Our functional inkjet ink and bioprocess specialists bring together the best innovations from both worlds. With this unique combination of expertise, we can help you to use inkjet 3D printing as an enabling technology within your proprietary bioprocess.


We offer inkjet resins that are tailored to your life science solutions and assist you in accomplishing more robust, scalable and sustainable bioprocessing tools. With us you have full end-to-end control over your entire value chain – from material to operation.


Your benefits:

  • Inkjet 3D printed parts customised to your requirements

  • Materials tailored to the biology

  • Combine singular unit operations in an ‘in-a-box’ device with small footprint and big potential

  • Better adapted, more cost-efficient tools for your proprietary bioprocess solution

  • Fast-track from concept to implementation

  • Boost product quality, save costs and accelerate market access

  • Scalable to industrial 3D printing processes

Get in touch and let us know how we can support you and your bioprocess!

Team meeting

Collaborate with us

Would you like to reduce your equipment demand?
Would you like to expand yor process automation?
And how much would that impact your overall costs?

Get in touch and we can figure out together how the LifeFab engineers may assist you!


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3D microfluidics

Microfluidics enable precise liquid handling in laminar flow patterns. Using the capabilities of our innovation toolbox, we empower you to make novel bioliquid handling cartridges that are otherwise impossible to fabricate. Such cartridges, with integrated chips can later be employed in point-of-care diagnostics, lab-on-a-chip and cell processing applications.

Example - our high-fidelity microfluidic mixers eliminate the need for manual intervention and operator bias and tackle mixing limitations of microfluidic systems.

3D cell cultivation

Three-dimensional cultivation systems offer an increased surface-to-volume ratio, reducing the footprint and costs. Moreover, a 3D environment can improve the biological relevance and cell characteristics. Cell and gene therapies, drug screening and tissue engineering are only some of the possible application areas. Our LifeFab engineers assist in optimising both the material properties and the volumetric structure to leverage the full potential of the envisioned bioprocess.

Example - cross section of a scaffold printed into a cell culture compartment.


The innovative, modular combination of different unit operations into singleuse devices opens new avenues to enable scalable bioprocesses. Closing and automating the process reduces costly cleanroom space and operator interventions. By integrating custom inks, chip technology and unique 3D architectures, previously unattainable manipulations for regenerative medicine and diagnostics become possible, making novel healthcare solutions more accessible to patients.

Example - cartridge integrating several unit operations of a bioprocess.

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