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A warm welcome to our new fellows

Being a pioneer in personalized 4D cell-based solutions and organ printing, we must keep our innovation engine running. Integrating young people, such as student interns, job students and graduate students, into our experienced team, is essential for us to further develop our dynamic and innovative fellowship.

To grow internationally and stay in line with our Ecosystem business concept, we nurture and push the development of our young fellows. How do we achieve this? We involve our young fellows in ongoing projects, let them experience innovative technologies and concepts, and allow them to work independently and responsibly from the start. Our supportive environment enables our young fellows to sharpen their competences and grow toward new professional opportunities and increased responsibilities.

Over the last months, Jeroen Tuttens, Filip Donvil, Valérie Snoeijs, Dennis Sevenants, Eline Bernaerts and Kristien Bullens came onboard and contributed to the Antleron story. We are glad to welcome them in our team!

“At Antleron, a young and educational atmosphere is created by a motivated and multidisciplinary team. The team is supportive and offers unique possibilities and allows you to grow, from trainee to thesis student, and who knows what more.”


“I was impressed by the familiar yet professional atmosphere in the Antleron team. The start-up mentality enabled me to quickly contribute to their research and take part in ongoing projects. I immediately felt at home.”


You get overwhelmed by information about advanced therapies, bioreactors, 3D printing, and other hot & exciting topics. The team helped me to get started quickly and now I have the feeling that I can contribute and make a real difference.”


“An asset of Antleron is the balance between useful guidance during new experiments, the attention paid to personal insights, and eventually the confidence given to design your own experiment.”


“I first started at Antleron as an intern, which led to a summer job and a full-time job. Not only the job offer, but also the responsibility to train other internship students gave me a boost. Antleron is a young, innovative company which makes it exciting to be a part of the dynamic puzzle and to contribute to the company growth.” Jeroen

“When I arrived at Antleron on the first day of my internship I was immediately thrown into a real project. It was challenging, yet I benefitted from a steep learning curve. The best part is Antleron’s welcoming and friendly atmosphere. And it takes only a very short time to feel part of the team.”


Contact us if you are interested in starting your own Antleron story!


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