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Pascale Berthet sharpens Antleron's go-to-market strategy, bolstering its growth trajectory in pharma and biotech

After an extensive international career as a business development executive, Pascale Berthet has recently joined Antleron. "I concentrate on aligning Antleron's unique technological innovation capabilities with the latest market trends in therapeutic products. By tuning research initiatives, we aim to fully leverage our potential to effectively address significant medical challenges. Our focus is on harnessing Antleron's multidisciplinary expertise in cell and gene therapies, coupled with exceptional engineering prowess, to develop the most robust commercial offerings with a long-term business outlook."

Pascale Berthet is a highly experienced business development executive whose philosophy is to participate in the success of a therapeutic product that will change the lives of patients. She is a globetrotter, with a successful track record in the cell and gene therapy arena, serving startups as well as corporates. Pascale's focus is on bringing cell and gene-based technology innovations towards commercial success in the form of therapies, vaccines, medication, etc. Her endeavors touched upon multidisciplinary (bio)technology expertise, 2D/3D bioreactors and other cell culture instruments, and economical manufacturing processes, which clearly overlap with Antleron's activities and ambitions. The educational background of Pascale is a master's degree in biology that she obtained from the University of Grenoble, France, focusing on molecular and cellular biology. Currently, Pascale provides consulting services to start-up and scale-up companies such as Antleron. 


Together with other Antleron fellows, Pascale streamlines internal research and development activities as a function of recent business development insights. It is about identifying the overlap between expertise and capability, and market needs and trends. Finding that sweet spot results in appealing business cases for evaluation by our target groups. “I will use my strong commercial eye for identifying viable business opportunities. Specifically, Antleron is pioneering in automated workflows to accelerate the time to market for innovative cell and gene therapy (CGT), vaccine, and diagnostic solution providers. It is interesting to closely watch the fast-paced CGT market, as there is a lot happening in lipid nanoparticles (LNP), induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC), and adeno-associated virus (AAV).” 


“The challenge for me is sharpening Antleron's go-to-market strategies by leveraging our custom end-to-end scientific approach and proprietary multidisciplinary technologies.” By generating unique data from R&D to GMP, Antleron creates scalable and sustainable bioprocesses that are economically viable for use in different markets, also including immune cell technology, regenerative medicine (e.g. liver and cardiac) and tissue engineering. “We gain trust among prospects and customers by building on scientific insights together with simulation and experimental data that prove bioprocess control and performance. Subsequently, we negotiate commercial agreements and licensing term sheets.” 


Business development is a dynamic, iterative journey characterized by learning, adaptability and collaboration. “I am passionate about regenerative medicine and tackling areas of high unmet medical need, interacting with leading researchers, medical doctors, government bodies and the corporate world. Antleron fuels my strong curiosity-based mindset when it comes to novel technologies and the creative fellows behind. Detailed technology evaluations enable us to tune our value proposition development and capitalize on new business opportunities. Antleron operates from Leuven in Belgium, a country globally recognized as a flourishing region of innovation in pharma and biotech.” 


Pascale's fascination with biology began in her childhood when she used her father's microscope to explore nature at the cellular level. As she grew, her passion for biology led her to the laboratory rather than medical dissection or surgery. Today, Pascale resides in the Île-de-France region near Paris with her husband, two children, and two dogs. Her family enjoys outdoor activities, including road cycling, off-road hiking, and traveling with a camper to Germany and the United Kingdom. 


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