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Another year of successful internships at Antleron

Over the last months we were once again joined by a talented group of students to support our daily activities. Maysam, Diana, Raghad, and Pallieter, joined us to develop the Antleron innovation toolbox and learn how to function in a professional setting. You can read about their experiences below.

Maysam Hajipirloo, MSc student Biomedical science, Student job at Antleron

"My one full year at the Anleron was exactly what I needed to understand how academia integrates into business. Surrounded by supportive people and a friendly environment, I learned how raw ideas for concrete biotech obstacles develop into scientific solutions through well-thought-out comprehensive experiments and eventually find their way into the market."

Diana Haidari, MSc student Biochemistry and Biotechnology, Antleron internship

"I am really glad to have chosen Antleron for my internship. Thanks to the confidence, freedom and responsibilities the company has offered me, my qualities as a scientist have greatly improved. I was able to broaden my knowledge and acquire many new skills, with the help of an enthusiastic and driven team!"

Raghad Sami, MSc student Industrial Sciences: Biochemistry, Master thesis at Antleron

"Not only does Antleron thrive to success through a combination of the most advanced technologies to heal the human body, but it also cares for its employees by providing a healthy, friendly working atmosphere."

Pallieter De hornois, MSc Bioengineering, Postgraduate Program in Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Engineering at Antleron

"I am very grateful I had the opportunity to do my internship at a company like Antleron. The multidisciplinary team and the open-minded work environment made it the perfect place to master new skills and grow as a scientist. From day one it really felt like I was contributing to important work for the company. Like icing on the cake, the colleagues were also very supportive and helpful which made this internship the perfect experience."

Explore internship opportunities

We remain committed to educating the new generations of advanced therapy experts. By partnering with the KU Leuven, The Postgraduate Program in Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Engineering, and remaining open to young applicants, we are able to guide students on their road to become ATMP professionals.

If you are looking for an opportunity to kick-start your career in ATMPs, feel free to reach out to our team; e-mail


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