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Ansys Simulation World 2022 : How Antleron accelerates Smart Biomanufacturing using In Silico Tools

At the Simulation World 2022 virtual event,@Jan Schrooten, CEO of @Antleron will be talking in the Startup track on how Antleron accelerates Smart Biomanufacturing using In Silico Tools.

Simulation World 2022, a virtual ANSYS conference is the first in a series of inspirational events about engineering simulation strategies and their impact on fast-tracking innovation.

This year’s program is focused on simulation as a transformational business accelerator. One of the available tracks focuses on startups and how simulation is a key enabler to accelerate innovative businesses to the market. Join this track to learn how to:

  • Harvest the power of simulation tools to disrupt traditional markets

  • Move one step ahead of the competition by investigating your accuracy and potential outcomes beforehand

  • Prove to investors that your ideas will work without expensive prototyping

Attendees will experience a deeper, more meaningful engagement with simulation technology, which will help them take a leap beyond the limits of human perception and discover what’s possible with simulation.

Find out more about Simulation World 2022 ->

The talk of Antleron CEO Jan Schrooten in the Startup track, 'Smart Biomanufacturing by In Silico Tools', will focus on how in silico approaches, in combination with other engineering tools, help fast-track innovation in biomanufacturing and bioprocesses. Together with additive manufacturing, quality-by-design and data-based & hybrid process modeling, Ansys’ in silico solutions complete the Antleron toolbox.

This toolbox allows Antleron to develop and deploy digital twins that help to reduce development timelines of robust and efficient ‘factory-of-the-future’ bioprocess solutions, by increasing process understanding, process and fast-tracking process development. Join the talk on May 18th at 06:00 PM CET.

More info on Antleron's talk.


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