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Antleron interns taking their first professional steps in the ATMP scene

To secure a sustainable future for the advanced therapy field and enable personalized medicine, it is key to educate the next generation of professionals. At Antleron we continuously offer students and young professionals a hands-on experience by contributing to the development of Antleron’s advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMP) solutions.

By creating a team atmosphere and giving ownership, we let our students and interns grow and discover their areas of interest.

In 2020, despite the circumstances, we did our best to guide students and graduates on their paths to professional growth. Read on to discover their experiences.

Charlotte Crauwels

Master Student in Bioengineering (Chemistry and Bioindustries)

Antleron internship and student job

"Antleron’s unique environment allowed me to grow both personally and professionally. The difference is made through the opportunities offered to me, the team I work with, and the exciting topics I am tackling. In my student job, and previously as an intern, I have been able to work on various projects which was an excellent learning opportunity and an equally enjoyable working experience. Thank you Antleron."

Grzegorz Głodek

MSc, Chemical Engineering Technology

Antleron internship

"I am grateful to Antleron for offering me such an interesting internship. The ability to work on my own project right after my graduation was excellent to test my capabilities and acquire valuable skills. It is really special to work with a great team of professionals who are truly passionate about what they do. Antleron is active in a fascinating and rapidly developing field, which offered mea unique experience that I will never forget."

Thieme Vandeput

MSc, Industrial Engineering (Electronics-ICT)

Antleron internship and postgraduate Innovative Entrepreneurship

“Antleron really makes me feel at home. They trust what I do, show interest in my work, and help me in various ways. In a nutshell, it helped me a great deal to grow as an engineer. I am proud to be part of the Antleron story. You really feel the motivation and conviction of the entire team to make Antleron a success story.”

Maya Louage

BSc Nanobiology

Antleron Internship

“I started my internship at Antleron in turbulent Covid-19 times, when my plans for my leap year changed multiple times. They have given me the freedom to explore modeling from start to finish, although I only had a bachelor degree at this stage. Everyone in the Antleron team was very open to help me and share their experience and enthusiasm with me."

Interested in joining our team effort to make innovative and personalized health solutions a reality for all? We are always looking for young people, who think out of the box and are ready for their first professional steps by tackling exciting challenges at Antleron. So reach out and inform us about your ambitions.We will do our best to offer you an internship position!


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