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Antleron is part of Flanders360 initiative contributing to better health for patients worldwide

Flanders, the Belgian region historically known for trade and art has over the last decades also built a reputation as a life science powerhouse.

To promote the vibrant and innovative life science and health industry of Flanders, the Flanders Investment & Trade agency has created an interactive map for virtual visits.

Called Flanders360, the initiative aggregates stakeholders of the Flemish life science scene, making it easier to connect and collaborate on solutions critical for Belgian and global patient health.

As an ecosystem R&D company, Antleron supports the initiative and is happy to be listed among the other life science players in the Flemish region. Check out Antleron's presence on the Flanders360 platform. Antleron supports the advanced therapy and personalized medicine sectors by co-developing innovative and sustainable manufacturing solutions. This is achieved by multi-stakeholder collaborations in combination with the Antleron innovation toolbox that integrates digital twins, additive manufacturing, closed system process development and quality-by-design solutions.

At Antleron we are looking forward to further contribute to strengthening the pioneering Flanders ecosystem, and also go beyond, to enable more personalized healthcare for patients.

Click here or on the image to watch the Flanders360 video.


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