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Antleron participates in flanders.healthTech cluster bridging technologies for healthcare innovation

With the 'Impulse program Innovation in care and health', Flemish Minister of Innovation Hilde Crevits has the ambition to make Flanders Europe's hotspot in the field of medical technologies and care. Flanders is resolutely committed to personalized and digital medicine and healthcare technology. The care of the future will be much more personalized, efficient and affordable for people.

'flanders.healthTech' interviewed Antleron CEO Jan Schrootenon the innovation potential between the partners of this brand new ecosystem cluster. He also talks about the value of 3D printing for setting up small decentralized factories for the flexible production of personalized therapies.

Click here to watch the interview of Jan Schrooten conducted by 'flanders.healthTech'.

Click here to watch the video of flanders.healthTech.

Click here to visit the website of flanders.healthTech.

Flanders to become top region for medical technologies and care

The establishment of the new spearhead cluster, 'flanders.healthTech', within the cluster policy of Flanders Innovation and Entrepreneurship (VLAIO), is central to the Impuls program. The aim of this spearhead cluster is bridging technologies for healthcare innovation.

Companies, hospitals, universities and knowledge institutions will work closely together in the 'flanders.healthTech' cluster over the next 10 years. Antleron is one of the 'carry' members. Overall, more than 70 R&D partners joined, including 45 SMEs, 14 large companies, the 4 university hospitals, the umbrella organization of care actors Zorgnet-Icuro, 5 sector associations, the 3 knowledge centers VIB, imec and VITO, and the 5 Flemish universities.

Click here to watch the video of Kanaal Z business TV channel.

Collaboration around biotech, medtech and digital technologies

The partners will work closely together on new HealthTech applications with a focus on 4 themes: personalized medicine, digital medicine, efficient healthcare and groundbreaking healthcare innovations. The Flemish knowledge economy around biotech, medtech and digital technologies is at a world-class level. The new 'flanders.healthTech' spearhead cluster is fully committed to cross-collaborate between these three sectors.

Science and technologies are evolving, also in the healthcare sector. Personalized and digital medicine, for example, have enormous potential. Treating patients on a level that is as individual as possible yields major gains in a patient's healing process and in health care costs. Diseases can also be detected at a much earlier stage because digital medicine enables us to better monitor our health on the basis of data.

By working more closely together, the innovative strength and competitiveness of the entire Flemish healthcare ecosystem will be boosted. The cluster's mission is to develop smart solutions through collaboration and to anchor Flanders' position as the European hotspot for healthtech. New healthcare innovations also create interesting opportunities for foreign investment and can attract European support. This makes the Flemish care sector an even stronger lever for our economy and for human well-being at home and abroad.

Leverage effect for the Flemish economy and better care for everyone

"We will make Flanders the European hotspot for medical technologies and high-quality care. By working together on innovation in healthcare, we not only create a leverage effect for our Flemish economy, but above all we ensure better healthcare for everyone. The care of the future will be much more personalized, efficient and affordable for people. Innovation in healthcare is a real win-win."

- Hilde Crevits, Flemish Minister of Economy, Innovation, Work, Social Economy and Agriculture

Click here to visit the Flanders.HealthTech website.


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