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Brant Tournoy focuses on 3D printing capabilities in the biotech world

“I joined Antleron as part of my ambition to help enhance people's health and well-being, as well as the environment,” says Brant Tournoy. Previously, Brant graduated as bachelor in chemistry and researched organic solar cells in Sweden. At Antleron, he focuses on 3D printing in a biotech context. “I like the team bonding and dynamic atmosphere at Antleron, where I can further grow as a person and develop my skills.”

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Connecting chemistry with 3D printing & medicine

“My desire to understand the essential building blocks of nature led to my studies in chemistry at UCLL in Leuven,” Brant Tournoy explains. “As I enjoy conducting research and development, I took the opportunity to investigate organic solar panels in Karlstad, Sweden.” The objective of my thesis was identifying more environmental-friendly solvents to produce the panels.

After his graduation, Brant applied for a 3D printing related job vacancy at Antleron. “In my job I explore material 3D printing and post-processing to enable cell interaction, among other topics. The research insights help Antleron to develop 3D printed bioreactors. These are used as part of personalized medicine and advanced therapy projects. The purpose is contributing to improved health and a better quality of life.”

Further developing my personality and skills

Brant says that working at Antleron is challenging and exciting at the same time. “The team feels like a group of friends who want to accomplish shared company goals. I enjoy the informal working atmosphere. In addition, it's practical that I live nearby and commute by bicycle.”

“I appreciate that Antleron is on the intersection of a range of disciplines, including biology, physics, chemistry, and medicine. My involvement here enables me to excel in some domains and learn more about the other domains. As part of my work, I regularly interact with knowledge centers, partners, and customers. It is nice to collaborate with interesting people on diverse topics.”


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