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Join us at ‘Closed Systems: Disruptive solution for Aseptic Processes’ Forum A3P Belgium

As a professional in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry, A3P invites you to a full-day event focused on lessons learned and best practices from the industry in the field of 'Aseptic Processes'. Closed systems and disruptive solutions for aseptic process is the theme of this face-to-face forum on October 28 in Liège (Belgium).

ATMPs look at a bright future. To deliver on their promise, the industry requires novel approaches to manufacturing personalized therapies. Manual approaches fail to offer sustainable scaling possibilities and fall short in making processes sufficiently robust.

Innovation is paramount but multidisciplinary expertise remains fragmented among the many players in the ATMP field. Therefore, it is important to create international ecosystems in which complementary pieces of the ‘innovation-to-patient' puzzle can be shared to develop and commercialize a novel advanced therapy.

Join the upcoming A3P Forum and listen to the end-to-end presentation brought forward by Jan Schrooten (Antleron), Johan Van den Bergh (QbD), Philippe Willemsen (Novadip) and Jan Saam (OSPIN). The storyline covers process development, scaling, quality, and process automation and closure.

Each of the represented companies specializes in a particular aspect of the advanced therapy manufacturing process. They each innovate in their space by presenting or embracing new solutions enabling closed manufacturing of advanced therapies, such as Quality-by-Design, customized bioreactors and soft-sensing solutions.

Seeing such diverse yet complementary expertise being brought to the table together illustrates that the advanced therapy ecosystem is growing and increasingly facilitates the introduction and deployment of new manufacturing technologies. Ultimately, patients will benefit greatly from more scalable and cost-effective production approaches for advanced therapies.

Check the program with 6 speakers sessions and register for this full-day forum event. At the end of the day, a visit of an industrial pharma site is scheduled.

The Forum A3P Belgium event is a face-to-face business event allowed by the government. All safety instructions with respect to Covid19 will be tailored to the situation. We look forward to seeing you there!


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