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Meet Jeroen Tuttens

Originally, Jeroen coincidentally rolled into an internship at Antleron. Now he believes this was pre-destined. Jeroen likes a quiet start of the day. He grabs a coffee, switches on the water bath heater, and dives into the lab for another exciting day of experiments. Antleron has confidence in Jeroen and lets him organize his own activities – and that is what he appreciates most. Jeroen plays the clarinet already for many years and is a member of several orchestras. He has many other talents and also a (useful) shortcoming as he can’t burp. Antleron is really happy with Jeroen as a fellow! 

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Your first assignment for Antleron dates back to 2017...

I started my internship in February 2017 and continued with summer jobs in 2017 and 2018. In October 2018, I started as a full-time employee. I must have been doing something right ;)

What's your role at Antleron?

As a researcher, I execute lab experiments related to the development of cell-based therapies. It is really interesting and challenging to contribute to developing advanced therapies medicinal products (ATMPs), tissue engineering, implant-related research, etc.

What are accomplishments that you are proud of?

What I like is that from the start Antleron trusted me and gave me the confidence to take on responsibilities. Already after three months I was asked to guide a new trainee. I value the confidence that they give me.

Do you like Antleron's working atmosphere?

Yes, the casual and friendly, yet result-driven working environment at Antleron is something I look for in a job. I like to start the day with a cup of coffee and then take on my responsibilities in the laboratory: execute new experiments, follow up ongoing projects, lab logistics, etc.

A couple out-of-the-blue questions...

Which ‘super power’ would you like to possess?

I would like to be able to ‘teleport’; to go on vacation without the fuss of traveling, queueing, waiting, etc.

The role of music in your life?

Really important. I have been playing the clarinet already for 16 years and I'm a member of several orchestras. At Antleron, I enjoy listening to music in the lab or at my desk.

What is your most ‘useless talent’?

I have a rather useful shortcoming as I can’t burp.

Your motto or favorite quote?

I quote my grandmother (Dutch language): “Te is nooit goed, behalve tevreden.”

Any sweet temptations?

... a chocolate mousse dessert dish!

If you were an animal...

I would like to be a migratory bird ... always returning to my permanent place of living.


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