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Scilife and Antleron Forge Unique Partnership to Integrate Quality into Personalized Medicine

In a special collaboration, a new Scilife solution is developed to accelerate next generation bioprocesses.

As a Biotech company, Antleron is on a mission to fast track regenerative medicine innovations and personalized advanced therapies from lab to patient - creating end-to-end solutions that result in better health care for all.

As a Smart Quality Platform, Scilife targets to transform quality within Life Science organizations - providing software tools that enable companies to more efficiently and flexibly integrate quality into their products and services.

Working together, Antleron and Scilife provide an end-to-end portfolio of solutions for innovative bioprocessing.

Bioprocess insights gained by Antleron are helping to improve Scilife software. At the same time, by using the Scilife platform, Antleron employs a powerful tool to integrate quality into bioprocess solutions for customers.

The long-standing collaboration between the two companies already resulted in the co-development of the Quality by Design (QbD) solution on the Scilife platform - a tool to help any Life Science organization build intricate, GMP-compliant and hyper-efficient QbD workflows.

It’s a solution that facilitates the implementation of QbD methodology by means of a cloud-based software platform - enabling quality-focused development and risk-based assessment of a product and whole process.

As more complicated and innovative therapies are being developed, the QbD solution takes the manufacturing and scalability of a product into account – allowing bioprocess-critical quality attributes to be realized through data-driven decisions.

Ultimately, the strong partnership between Scilife and Antleron drives, accelerates and improves bioprocess development. And that results in superior healthcare for everyone.

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