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Virtually attend Antleron's presentation on TERMIS 6th World Congress 2021

On the upcoming TERMIS World Congress, held online on November 15-19, 2021, Antleron CEO Jan Schrooten will have a keynote presentation during the Industry Day Session: 'Innovation from idea to market in regenerative medicine'. Tune in on Monday November 15 at 03:30 PM, to listen to Jan's presentation: 'Start-up-by-Design: fast-track advanced therapy innovations'.

Regenerative medicine promises new ways of treatment by means of e.g. tissue engineering. These cutting edge approaches, however, still suffer from many complex obstacles on the road from lab to patient. Antleron supports parties in overcoming these obstacles through co-creative innovation. By applying our innovation toolbox integrating digital twins, additive manufacturing, closed system process development and quality-by-design, we help design new, sustainable manufacturing solutions for regenerative medicine applications. This approach combines in silico approaches with 3D printing capability, in a risk-based setting, allowing for fast-tracking innovations through the development pipeline.

The general theme of the congress is 'Biologically inspired technology driven regenerative medicine' and the topics covered during the event will include:

  • Biofabrication

  • Biomaterials

  • Cells

  • Clinical trials

  • Enabling technologies

  • Gene editing

  • In silico TERM

  • Industrial Translation

  • Material-driven Regeneration

  • Mechanisms of Action

  • Mechanobiology

  • Organoids

  • Patients perspectives

  • Preclinical validation 

  • Process engineering

  • Regulatory affairs

  • Sister societies

  • Societal impact

  • SYIS themes


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