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Featured in cover article of ASME Bioengineering Report with Chuck Hull, 3D Systems Co-Founder & CTO

ASME, the renowned American Society of Mechanical Engineers, interviewed Antleron CEO Jan Schrooten and 3D Systems Co-Founder & CTO Chuck Hull to appear in its multimedia Special Report on bioengineering. They are featured in the Cover Article, titled 'Biotechnology Anticipates 4D Printing'.

'Biotechnology Anticipates 4D Printing' cover article

In the 'Biotechnology Anticipates 4D Printing' cover article, author John Kosowatz focuses on rapid advancements in 3D printing. Time is the element that pushes 3D to 4D.

Last year, Antleron and printer manufacturer 3D Systems began to collaborate on furthering bioprinting solutions for regenerative products. "Bioprinting and regenerative medicine are a newer trend in 3D printing," said Chuck Hull, 3D Systems Co-founder and CTO.

Antleron has created an R&D facility at their headquarters in Leuven, Belgium - a location known as an incubator for medical and life science innovation, including regenerative medicine, to support and validate customer projects in the field of 3D bioprinting.

Establishing living therapy factories

To further advance bioprinting toward regenerative products, Antleron is establishing the living therapy factory. In this regard, Antleron CEO Jan Schrooten explained about turning cells into personalized therapies and tissues.

"Antleron’s ‘living therapy factory’ merges cells, biomaterials, biologics, bioreactors and 3D Systems printers to accelerate the engineering of living therapies," said Jan Schrooten. "By definition it will be a digital factory - a modular complex using a combination of multidisciplinary (bio)technologies."

Schrooten: "We use quality-by-design and artificial intelligence to translate these core technologies into pioneering workflows that turn cells into therapies. The approach is streamlined for a manufacturing workflow that is controlled with a matching quality control system to mitigate risks.”

The collaboration between Antleron en 3D Systems lays the foundation for groundbreaking bioprinting solutions which potentially improve personalized patient care and regenerative medicine. "Our joint efforts support us in developing bioprinting solutions utilizing 3D Systems’ printing technologies." Read partnership press release

READ ENTIRE ARTICLE : Click here to read the full 'Biotechnology Anticipates 4D Printing' cover article of ASME's special report on bioengineering.


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