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Featured in 'Moving toward 4D Printing' podcast of ASME Bioengineering Report

In the ASME TechCast 'Moving toward 4D Printing' podcast, John Kosowatz asked Jan Schrooten about how Antleron establishes living therapy factories.

"We are working on different pieces of the puzzle," Jan Schrooten said. "These contain modular steps which are being developed in-house and with partner companies active in 3D printing, bioreactors, cell therapies, tissue engineering, machine learning and artificial intelligence."

Click here to listen to the full 'Moving toward 4D Printing' podcast of ASME's special report on bioengineering.

Also read to the 'Biotechnology Anticipates 4D Printing' cover article, which features Jan Schrooten together with Chuck Hull, 3D Systems Co-Founder & CTO.


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