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X-Pure®–by-design : Antleron-Rousselot® collaborative-development partnership

Collaboration is a concept that is at the heart of Antleron. We believe that a strong, collaborative ecosystem is key to fast-tracking health innovations to the market. That belief is shared by the R&D and BD teams at Rousselot Biomedical.

"At Rousselot, we invest in science and expertise. The combination of in-house expertise and external collaborations makes us reach further together," – Elke De Clerck, Global R&D Director Rousselot.

The world-renowned biomaterial company, Rousselot, offers customizable, ultra-pure gelatines and collagens to the biomedical market. Here at Antleron, we are proud to support Rousselot in this endeavour.

Antleron is proud to enhance Rousselot’s innovation by developing a translational and risk-based X-Pure roadmap for advanced therapy applications – Jan Schrooten, CEO Antleron

The collaboration between Antleron and Rousselot started with applying Antleron’s BioScout® custom biomaterial screening to Rousselot’s X-Pure biomaterial platform.

To assist Rousselot in translating its cutting-edge biomaterial innovation the collaboration has evolved to bringing the Quality-by-Design framework to the table and integrating it into the X-Pure innovation process. X-Pure-by-Design encompasses an end-to-end innovation strategy to realize the potential of X-Pure as a novel biomaterial solution for advanced therapy applications. This collaborative by-Design approach de-risks the X-Pure product portfolio and supports Rousselot’s experts in customizing their biomaterials to address customer needs and meet biomedical industry requirements, thus making Rousselot’s X-Pure part of pioneering workflows for living therapies.

The ability to customize X-Pure biomaterials in a controlled and application-focused manner is a unique asset when dealing with patient-specific raw material such as cells. In the dynamic field of advanced therapies, collaborative innovation is important to accelerate new solutions from lab to patient and the Antleron and Rousselot teams embrace that approach.


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