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Presenting novel tools to develop advanced therapies on Rousselot Innovation Days

On the Rousselot Innovation Days (September 24), Antleron CEO Jan Schrooten brings forward the following e-presentation: "Quality-by-Design, 3D printing & bioreactors, novel tools to develop advanced therapies."

Quality-by-Design, 3D printing & bioreactors are novel tools to develop advanced therapies. To make cells and biomaterials part of pioneering workflows for living therapies, Antleron has merged these tools into its BioScout® solution for biomaterial and medical device innovation.

Connecting Antleron’s BioScout® solution to Rousselot’s X-Pure biomaterial platform enables an ‘X-Pure-by-Design’ product development strategy. This approach can fast-track X-Pure applications from idea to market by QbD-based, functional cell-biomaterial testing of X-Pure at lab scale using customised bioreactors.

‘X-Pure-by-Design’ shows that a ‘personalised’ end-to-end innovation strategy can materialise the potential of novel biomaterials like X-Pure for advanced therapy applications by collaborative efforts that build on cross-over technologies. As such the clinical and industrial translation of advanced therapies synchronises with regulation, economics and market access, enabling sustainable health care.

More info on BioScout®.


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