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Antleron presents at the Infinite-Ansys User Meeting

At the Infinite-Ansys User Meeting in Eindhoven on October 14, CEO Jan Schrooten will present an inspiring testimonial on behalf of Antleron. He will explain the innovative deployment of in-silico tools as part of a digital twin, such as the Ansys simulation software package, in the Antleron innovation toolbox. Simulations, hybrid models and digital twins can significantly cut down development timelines and costs, while providing relevant data in bioprocess development.

For example, predicting cell and nutrient distributions in a 3D bioreactor can support choosing the optimal geometrical design and boost productivity of the whole closed manufacturing system, whether in advanced therapy or biologics manufacturing. Moreover, predicting the bioreactor’s behavior between different scales accelerates development and industrialization of the bioprocess from lab to factory.

These examples illustrate that in-silico approaches, in combination with other engineering tools, enable digital twins and fast-track innovation in biomanufacturing and bioprocessing. Earlier this year, Jan presented these innovative concepts at Ansys Simulation World.


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