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The power of information and interaction

Thomas Young (1773–1829) is believed to be “the last man who knew everything”. The subtitle of his biography says it all: “The Anonymous Polymath Who Proved Newton Wrong, Explained How We See, Cured the Sick, and Deciphered the Rosetta Stone, Among Other Feats of Genius”.

Pushing new boundaries together

Unfortunately, knowing everything is something of the past. Today science and technology are on the move, always evolving and generating more and more knowledge. Here at Antleron, we like pushing scientific and technological boundaries, and intend to share some insights with all of you. When you’re in for topics such as personalized medicine, cell-based ATMPs, 3D printing, bio-reactors and tissue engineering, this blog will certainly be of interest to you!

“With Antleron, we continue to push innovations in all these specific fields of expertise,” says Jan Schrooten, CEO of Antleron. “It is great to be active in a growing ecosystem in which we are able to further increase our research and development activities. We intensively collaborate with partners in a range of R&D projects. I am looking forward to your interaction and feedback on our blog posts and other communications through social media.”

Innovating (personalized) therapies and medicines

Innovation remains the keyword for Antleron in the coming months and years. “Our toolbox of advanced technologies allows companies and organizations to confidently invest in new (personalized) therapies and medicines. Antleron’s in-depth multidisciplinary expertise is used to co-develop innovative processes and map out the translational path toward the patient.”

The Antleron blog is about sharing info with everyone, from layman to expert. When a certain topic triggers your interest, let’s interact to learn from each other. So stay tuned by following us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Then you will be the first to see new updates!

Stay curious, keep innovating! The Antleron Team


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