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Fellow Friday story about Dieter Hauwaerts =>

Fellow Friday story about Maarten Sonnaert =>


Registration for HealthTech Summit => 

More info on HealthTech Summit =>


Read more related to Tissue Engineering book =>



Read Tommy Heck's Fellow Friday story here =>

Read more about Antleron speaking at Infinite-Ansys User Meeting =>

Read our latest blog post on how customized 3D bioreactors are essential in producing the huge numbers of cells needed to satisfy the global, fast-growing demands of biopharma and advanced therapies. Using 3D printing as part of the Antleron toolbox, we enable bioprocess solutions by developing customized fixed beds that result in scalable and sustainable cell processing =>

To read our newest blogpost on how Antleron applies 3D printing in its R&D projects =>


The flanders.healthTech cluster launched 14 innovative healthcare projects funded a total of €4.7 million by VLAIO. With the Biodevice-CRO partnership – a co-creation between Comate Engineering & Design - Antleron - ICsense – we are developing a biodevice toolbox for rapid development of customized, scalable bioprocess solutions for cell, gene, and diagnostics companies.


Antleron CEO Jan Schrooten and VUB professor Heidi Ottevaere are featured in the 20th issue of ‘Economie werkt’, the magazine of the Provincie Vlaams-Brabant. Read article =>


Antleron will again co-organize the Life-on-Chip conference =>


ATMP Regulatory Documents blogpost: 
Watch teaser video =>
Read blogpost =>

Cell by Design® (CbD) is featured in the October/November 2021 issue of the GMP Journal (issue 32 page 23)

PDF of Cell by Design in GMP Journal issue 32 =>  

Cell by Design page on Antleron website =>  

PDF of GMP Journal issue 32 =>  

GMP Journal (all digital issues) =>  

Cell by Design in GMP Journal (online version) => 



Jan Schrooten speaks at online M3d+it symposium about ‘3D-Printing-by-Design for next-gen life science applications’ =>

Antleron in silico simulations driven by Ansys solutions =>


Antleron, QbD, Novadip and Ospin to speak at the ‘Closed Systems : Disruptive solution for Aseptic Processes’ Forum A3P Belgium in Liege on October 28. =>


Antleron and VivaBioCell collaborate to enable sustainable cell therapy manufacturing through innovative bioreactor solutions. =>

X-Pure®–by-design illustrates that our Antleron-Rousselot® collaborative-development partnership enables both parties to reach further together =>

Join Antleron & QbD at the ‘Closed Systems : Disruptive solution for Aseptic Processes’ Forum A3P Belgium in Liege on October 28. =>


Recently we introduced the Quality by Design methodology to enable sustainable ATMP development and scalable manufacturing. 



Today we are happy to present the newest white paper co-written by our in-house expert Evan Claes and Johan van den Bergh of QbD.

Read about how bringing together Quality by Design and Process Analytical Technology facilitates users in making data and risk driven decisions, resulting in robust processes for ATMP manufacturing. 

On the upcoming Knowledge for Growth conference, Antleron CEO Jan Schrooten will moderate 'The Power of Cell & Gene' session in the 'Personalized Medicine' track. It will be an inspiring session with speakers/panelists Michael Linden (Handl Therapeutics), Pieter Rottiers (Precigen ActoBio), Steven Powell (eTheRNA) and Erwin Blomsma (ViroVet). => 

Read more about Quality-by-Design (QbD) and how Antleron employs it across its R&D projects to more effectively reach optimal and robust results =>

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